Food menu – 1st week of March 

Below is our food menu for this week! I hope this helps to inspire you to food plan and give you some ideas for your own food plan! 

Monday: whole chicken cooked with sweetpotato mash and fresh vegetables.

Tuesday: Chicken kebabs. Here I use leftover chicken from the day before. I cut the chicken up in small pieces and cook it in a little bit of oil in cayenne pepper and a little bit of cinnamon. I also use leftover fresh vegetables from the day before (cucumber, paprika and lettuce). I put the chicken in a tortilla wrap with tsasiki dip and vegetables.

Wednesday: penne pasta with ham and mushrooms.

Thursday: Tortilla pizzas. Using leftover ham and mushrooms from night before and tortilla wraps from Tuesday night. 

Friday: Rump steaks with baked potato and pepper sauce.

Saturday: Tacos. You can still use the same fresh veg as earlier in the week and save more shopping.

Sunday: roast chicken with root vegetables and mash.

Top tip : always go through your cupboards and use the ingredients you have there to save money. Use the food you have to make meals. And always always go to the shop with a shopping list! Any comments or thoughts please comment! I love hearing from you.

Sandra xxx