Top 10 things I love about my baby

This post is for the #spreadthemomlove challenge 

Post 10 things you love about your baby.

I know I’m going to want to change this later but hey, let’s just see where this goes. 

  1. I love how smiley and happy she is. Literally smiles all the time.
  2. I love how curious she is and so eager to learn!
  3. I love how she smiles to everyone and is such a people person. Anyone can hold her or talk to her and she just smiles and gets all excited.
  4. I love how she’s such a good sleeper! 
  5. I love how she shows her excitement. 
  6. I love how BEAUTIFUL AND ADORABLE she is. Sorry, caption was needed! 
  7. I love how she looks just like her dad, with a few of my features.
  8. I love how good she is playing herself just so I can finish my coffee in the morning.
  9. I love how good she is staying at her nana and grandads when we need a night off.
  10. I love how she loves a kiss and a cuddle.

As hard as being a new mom is, sometimes it’s good to remind yourself of all the things you love about your baby!!

Stay strong moms out there! We are all doing amazing!!

Feel free to comment your list.. much love 

Xxx Sandra