Vegan – day 1 of I don’t know how many

First of all, Im back!

The unimaginable has happened. I have went vegan, only for a day, but seeing that I thought I´d be the last person on this earth ages ago to go vegan it actually has happened.

The thought has been going through my mind since I had my daughter. Simply because I got a little bit crazy with helping the environment and was looking online on how I could help the planet with changing some things in my lifestyle. More on that in another post.

It is scary how Ive came to realise farming animals is polluting the earth. I am not going to have a massive spiel on here about it lol I suggest you do your own research and come to your own decision, its always the best way!

So. I watched What the health on Netflix yesterday. and OH. MY. GOD. IF you’re going to watch it be prepared to go off meat, well at least for a day like I did, I am not keen on eating animal products today either, my partner suggested chicken for dinner and I almost spewed.

I might even go vegan a few days a week, this is all very undecided!

For me that movie was eye opening and made so much sense to me.

The only thing is, I dont have a clue what to have for my dinner now! I had some ready sweet and sour sauce, really good from Lidl, with chick peas and rice. There is some veg in the sauce and it was lovely!

My question to you guys is, what supermarket has the best selection? If there are any vegans reading this could you share some recipes please?

Xxx Sandra