Make your own baby food!

When my daughter was approaching weaning age I started looking into weaning, options and clever things to do! I am also in a bump group on Facebook with girls in Iceland that were all due in the same month as I was and were all still very active in that group sharing loads of things.. They gave me a lot of inspiration with so many things! If there is anything similar to that here in Scotland, or in the UK even, please give me info in comments 🙂

I started looking at these pouches you can get in the supermarkets and I was quite horrified with the prices on them from Ellas Kitchen, Heinz etc. and that is just for one meal!

So I hope this will give you inspiration to make your own!

I bought a kilo of carrots in Lidl for 0.59 pence! I peeled them all and cut both ends off and steamed them. 

After that I threw them all in my food processor until they were all mashed up, no bits what so ever. 

Then I put the mashed carrots in ice cube trays and in freezer tubs you can get from Nuby here. After they’re all frozen I take the cubes and put them in freezer bags but make sure I mark the bags with whats in them and the date I made them.

My daughter likes her vegetables and fruit mixed in with her baby rice just now and she will turn 6 months next week.

I am actually quite enjoying this and look at it as a little hobby. Lets not mention the money I am saving by doing all of this myself! That kilo of carrots will be mixed in with her baby rice, but the carrots will be 70% of the meal, and will last for 10 dinners! Which comes to 6 pence a dinner! If I would use just the carrots and no baby rice it would come down to 8 pence per dinner..

If you’re thinking this is a massive hassle it really isnt!

  1. Peel/cut up/rinse
  2. Steam
  3. Mash up in food processor
  4. Put in ice cube trays or freezable food tubs
  5. Once frozen put in freezer bags and mark them

I round up how long this took me in total and it was an hour..

Langar svo að mæla með því að mauka barnamatinn sjálf af því að það sparar svo mikla peninga og þá veistu líka að barnið þitt er að fá 100% hreina vöru! Eina sem þarf er að sjóða eða gufusjóða matinn og setja svo í klakabox eða í dollur sem eru einmitt ætlaðar fyrir að frjósa mat. Svo set ég allt í poka og merki hvað er í pokanum og dagsetninguna sem ég frysti kubbana á. 

Ég veit að þetta er að spara alveg fullt af pening heima líka og mér finnst þetta líka mjög gaman!

Happy baby mashing!

xxx Sandra


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