iCandy Peach – Midnight Edition

Finally finally finally after 2 months of debating we could agree on a pram to get. It is beautiful and very practical – the perfect match!

The frame has great basket space, which was very important to me and the tires are perfect. The detail is gorgeous with rose gold metal work everywhere. It is a navy blue color to go with the name “Midnight Edition”. The two colors go beautifully together and it is stunning and very unique. It was made as a special edition and therefore there were only made a certain amount of them. The store we bought it from only stored 10 to give you an idea. They had even fewer accessory packs that we got as well that had a gorgeous Midnight footmuff, Midnight liner, a screen and car seat adapters.

The pram is so easy to fold together and you can put it together with one hand, which was one of the things I wanted it to be able to do so I could hold the baby in the other hand. You click the handle down and it fold together, then you pull the strap in the basket and that is it!

It comes with a carry cot and a seat as well for when she gets older which both click on and off so easily. I will let the pictures speak for themselves! Am I the only one tempted to take a teddy out for a walk?

Við vildum vagn sem væri auðvelt að setja saman og með ágætis körfu, auðvitað varð hún að vera falleg líka. Vagnstykkinu er svo hægt að skipta út fyrir kerrustykkið mjög auðveldlega. Liturinn er æðislegur og allir detailar gullfallegir, dökkblár or rósagullið spilar svo fallega saman! Þessi vagn var framleiddur í takmörkuðu upplagi og heitir þar af leiðandi Special Edition – Midnight Edition.

Ég get ekki beðið eftir að sporta þessari!

Sandra xxx

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