Stobo castle Spa – must visit

I was overly happy when I was offered to go to Stobo castle for two nights as I oh so needed a little vacay! I didn’t know a lot about the place other then it was very chilled out and you wore your dressing gown most of the day.. sold!

Stobo castle is just outside the lovely town Peebles in the Scottish borders region. The view from our room was breathtaking as all the winter colours were just perfect.

I had two treatments and got them both as a birthday present, a full body sugar glow body scrub and a mother to be full body massage so you can imagine my excitement. We arrived around lunch time and my Scrub was that afternoon and my oh my was it amazing! My massage was the next day and was just perfect. They have so many facilities you can use freely without getting any treatments, I suggest you have a look here.


Since I am 33 weeks pregnant I used the pool quite a lot as its so refreshing popping in it to feel the weight off the bump lifted for a while. The pool has loungers on the side where you can relax, read a magazine or book with the scenery in front of you. There is also a tropical shower with heavy droplets which I loved – you can also change the setting to cold rain water. After my massage I headed to the relaxation suite where you relax and I had a great snooze there as it is completely quiet with relaxing music playing.


There is a japanese garden just down the road where the winter colours were, again, so beautiful. It was a bit cold but just the perfect winter walk weather.

There is a true gentleman that works there at breakfast and lunch who is an absolut diamond. He is an older man who truly cares and loves what he does. James has been given the title “Employee of the decade” as he has worked there for 16 years. My love for older people grew even bigger when I met him!

The decor is just stunning and everything is so calm and peaceful so you can’t leave other then very relaxed and rejuvenated. I would stay for two nights so you can fully enjoy all the facilities, I spent most my time in the pool but can’t wait to go back and try out the sauna and steam room.

I have definitely caught the Stobo bug!

Tengdamamma bauð mér og mágkonu minni í spaferð í Stobo kastala við landamæri Skotlands og Englands. Ég mæli sko alfarið með svona slökun í enda meðgöngu þar sem ég kom heim svo ótrúlega endurnærð og fersk. Ég fékk meðgöngu heilnudd svo í afmælisgjöf og sykurskrúbb sem algerlega endurnærði mig! Það er svo margt annað í boði til að njóta án þess að panta einhverjar meðferðir, getið skoðað síðuna þeirra hér

Ég notaði sundlaugina óspart til að létta á bumbunni og slakaði á á bekkjunum við bakkan þar sem útsýnið er stórkostlegt. Það er japanskur garður rétt hjá sem var svo ótrúlega fallegur með alla vetrarlitina í trjánum og gróðri. Stíllinn yfir öllu er einstakur og svo ótrúlega mikil ró yfir öllu, enda eyðir maður öllum deginum í baðslopp! 

Ég hakka ótrulega til að fara aftur!

More pictures are on my Instagram – follow me here

Xxx Spa´d out Sandra

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