Halloween at the office – avocado!

Today was dress up day at work and I thought I would dress up bump and me for the occasion! I thought I would post it if a fellow pregnant one is struggling as this is fairly easy to make.. an Avocado! I made this (yes the talent is oozing) out of a cardboard box off the baby’s furniture.. cut out holes for face and bump.. stapled a string for my hands and voila! Oh yeah I also had a brown t shirt tucked over bump.. easy, cheap and very popular at the office!


Það var Halloween dagur í vinnunni í dag.. Ég smellti í einn avocado búning fyrir mig og bumbu! Gerði hann alveg sjálf, já ég er mjöööög hægileikarík! Skar gat fyrir andlit og bumbu, skellti brúnum bol yfir bumbu og bingo bongo slegið!

xxx Avocado Sandra

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