Women protest gender wage gap in Iceland today

Very protest happy country, and so every country should. The women of Iceland are walking out of there jobs today at 14.38pm to protest the gender wage gap and gathering at Austurvollur parliament square at 15.15pm.

They are protesting under the slogan “Equal Wage Immediately”  as recent surveys in Iceland show that the wage gap has only increased since the economic crisis in 2008. That gives us 8 years of the gap increasing taking all the hard work the women of Iceland have worked for for decades and minimizing it.

The last time women in Iceland protested the same thing was in 2010, I remember because I was there! The feeling of empowerment and pride of my nation was overwhelming as I joined thousand of other women in Iceland to protest the gender wage gap. It actually saddens me to see that there have been no improvements since, the gap has only increased. I wish I could be there, instead I will be at my work there in spirit.


Konur! Gangið út úr vinnunni klukkan 14.38 og stöndum saman! Ég verð föst í vinnunni minni hérna úti, því miður, en það sem ég mun hugsa til ykkar med hálfgerða reiði í hjarta. Þetta málefni er svo ótrúlega mikilvægt, ekki bara fyrir okkur sjálfar heldur til ad styðja tad sem ömmur okkar og langömmur bördust fyrir. Vid skulum líka muna það að við erum ad mótmæla því að dætur okkar og þeirra dætur þurfi ad lifa við þennan mismun.

Xxx Icelandic Sandra

3 thoughts on “Women protest gender wage gap in Iceland today”

  1. Hi Sandra! First, thank you for reading my blog and in particular, my post on Iceland. We thing often about our wonderful trip to your country and all the friendly people we met. Can’t wait to go back! My thoughts are with you and all my Icelandic sisters as they fight for wage equality. We still have work to do here in the U.S. and it is definitely a global fight. I hope you have a positive outcome.


    1. No problem at all, loved it! I’m going home in march for the first time in two years and can’t wait to bathe in Icelandic goods. I hope there will be some changes as it is needed, and your right, globally! And I say this from my office in Scotland..


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