I thought it might be a good idea to introduce myself and what my vision for the blog is.

I am 27, Icelandic living in Scotland. I work full time in travel and I love that sector, I also studied Travel and Tourism. That is all about to change as I start my maternity leave very soon! Yeah I have a little bambino growing due to arrive on Christmas Eve. I am engaged and happily living with my fiancé in Central Scotland in our beautiful home. (wow hormones make me very mushy lovey dovey .. )

I can’t believe I just typed lovey dovey

As you can see I am very easily distracted.. but hey thats just me..

I will blog about everything that comes to mind. Interior design, pregnancy, pictures that I draw, motherhood, home tips and tricks, my life and lifestyle.. There might be a recipe or two sneaking in here mixed with recommendations traveling in Iceland and Scotland.

As you can see a very broad genre, if this is even a genre? Isn’t that used to describe music? Anyway..

I try to be active on social media so please follow me on there!

I have the Viking Connection which is travel tips for traveling in Iceland and Scotland, if interested please follow me there -> @thevikingcon

I have my personal Twitter account -> @sandra_gn

Instagram of course -> @sandraogna

Snapchat is my absolute favourite -> sandraogn

You can in contact by all of the above or drop me an email

Thank you very much for stopping by and I hope you like what is to come.

xxx Icelandic Sandraubll5021

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