My daughters bedroom – inspo 

Thought I’d share these pictures. I still love her rooms 8 months down the line, some changes have been made like the bed lowered etc 

The bed, changing table / chest of drawers and wardrobe are all VIB. 

Wallpaper is Dunelms Dumbo range.

Feel free to comment if any questions! Hope you like it 💗

Nokkrar myndir af herberginu hjá dóttur minni. Allt keypt hérna úti.

Xxxx Sandra

Top 10 things I love about my baby

This post is for the #spreadthemomlove challenge 

Post 10 things you love about your baby.

I know I’m going to want to change this later but hey, let’s just see where this goes. 

  1. I love how smiley and happy she is. Literally smiles all the time.
  2. I love how curious she is and so eager to learn!
  3. I love how she smiles to everyone and is such a people person. Anyone can hold her or talk to her and she just smiles and gets all excited.
  4. I love how she’s such a good sleeper! 
  5. I love how she shows her excitement. 
  6. I love how BEAUTIFUL AND ADORABLE she is. Sorry, caption was needed! 
  7. I love how she looks just like her dad, with a few of my features.
  8. I love how good she is playing herself just so I can finish my coffee in the morning.
  9. I love how good she is staying at her nana and grandads when we need a night off.
  10. I love how she loves a kiss and a cuddle.

As hard as being a new mom is, sometimes it’s good to remind yourself of all the things you love about your baby!!

Stay strong moms out there! We are all doing amazing!!

Feel free to comment your list.. much love 

Xxx Sandra 

Vegan – day 1 of I don’t know how many

First of all, Im back!

The unimaginable has happened. I have went vegan, only for a day, but seeing that I thought I´d be the last person on this earth ages ago to go vegan it actually has happened.

The thought has been going through my mind since I had my daughter. Simply because I got a little bit crazy with helping the environment and was looking online on how I could help the planet with changing some things in my lifestyle. More on that in another post.

It is scary how Ive came to realise farming animals is polluting the earth. I am not going to have a massive spiel on here about it lol I suggest you do your own research and come to your own decision, its always the best way!

So. I watched What the health on Netflix yesterday. and OH. MY. GOD. IF you’re going to watch it be prepared to go off meat, well at least for a day like I did, I am not keen on eating animal products today either, my partner suggested chicken for dinner and I almost spewed.

I might even go vegan a few days a week, this is all very undecided!

For me that movie was eye opening and made so much sense to me.

The only thing is, I dont have a clue what to have for my dinner now! I had some ready sweet and sour sauce, really good from Lidl, with chick peas and rice. There is some veg in the sauce and it was lovely!

My question to you guys is, what supermarket has the best selection? If there are any vegans reading this could you share some recipes please?

Xxx Sandra


Make your own baby food!

When my daughter was approaching weaning age I started looking into weaning, options and clever things to do! I am also in a bump group on Facebook with girls in Iceland that were all due in the same month as I was and were all still very active in that group sharing loads of things.. They gave me a lot of inspiration with so many things! If there is anything similar to that here in Scotland, or in the UK even, please give me info in comments 🙂

I started looking at these pouches you can get in the supermarkets and I was quite horrified with the prices on them from Ellas Kitchen, Heinz etc. and that is just for one meal!

So I hope this will give you inspiration to make your own!

I bought a kilo of carrots in Lidl for 0.59 pence! I peeled them all and cut both ends off and steamed them. 

After that I threw them all in my food processor until they were all mashed up, no bits what so ever. 

Then I put the mashed carrots in ice cube trays and in freezer tubs you can get from Nuby here. After they’re all frozen I take the cubes and put them in freezer bags but make sure I mark the bags with whats in them and the date I made them.

My daughter likes her vegetables and fruit mixed in with her baby rice just now and she will turn 6 months next week.

I am actually quite enjoying this and look at it as a little hobby. Lets not mention the money I am saving by doing all of this myself! That kilo of carrots will be mixed in with her baby rice, but the carrots will be 70% of the meal, and will last for 10 dinners! Which comes to 6 pence a dinner! If I would use just the carrots and no baby rice it would come down to 8 pence per dinner..

If you’re thinking this is a massive hassle it really isnt!

  1. Peel/cut up/rinse
  2. Steam
  3. Mash up in food processor
  4. Put in ice cube trays or freezable food tubs
  5. Once frozen put in freezer bags and mark them

I round up how long this took me in total and it was an hour..

Langar svo að mæla með því að mauka barnamatinn sjálf af því að það sparar svo mikla peninga og þá veistu líka að barnið þitt er að fá 100% hreina vöru! Eina sem þarf er að sjóða eða gufusjóða matinn og setja svo í klakabox eða í dollur sem eru einmitt ætlaðar fyrir að frjósa mat. Svo set ég allt í poka og merki hvað er í pokanum og dagsetninguna sem ég frysti kubbana á. 

Ég veit að þetta er að spara alveg fullt af pening heima líka og mér finnst þetta líka mjög gaman!

Happy baby mashing!

xxx Sandra


Spring closet cleaning!

Hi! I’ve been going through my walk in closet.. the thing is that a year ago I started hanging my clothes on one side of the closet after they’ve been washed. So throughout the year the clothes that I use the most are all hanging on the right side of the closet and the clothes I don’t use at all are all hanging on the left side. 

I’ve been going through them and have gathered two full black bags that are going to charity. 

Now the closet feels so fresh, so clean! 

Believe me I found quite a few clothes that I completely forgot I had as well.. good day for charity and good day for me!

Vorhreingerningin í skápnum stóð yfir.. Ég byrjaði á því fyrir ári síðan að hengja alltaf fötin sem komunúr þvotti hægra megin á slána í skápnum.. þær eru þrjár en ég meina.. Þannig að yfir árið hafa fötin sem ég nota minnst og ekki neitt safnast saman vinstra megin á slánum.

Tveir svartir ruslapokar takk fyrir fara beinustu leið í fatagám til hjálparsamtaka.

Hressandi! Svo finnur maður helling sem maður var búin að gleyma.. 

xxx Sandra

Food menu – 1st week of March 

Below is our food menu for this week! I hope this helps to inspire you to food plan and give you some ideas for your own food plan! 

Monday: whole chicken cooked with sweetpotato mash and fresh vegetables.

Tuesday: Chicken kebabs. Here I use leftover chicken from the day before. I cut the chicken up in small pieces and cook it in a little bit of oil in cayenne pepper and a little bit of cinnamon. I also use leftover fresh vegetables from the day before (cucumber, paprika and lettuce). I put the chicken in a tortilla wrap with tsasiki dip and vegetables.

Wednesday: penne pasta with ham and mushrooms.

Thursday: Tortilla pizzas. Using leftover ham and mushrooms from night before and tortilla wraps from Tuesday night. 

Friday: Rump steaks with baked potato and pepper sauce.

Saturday: Tacos. You can still use the same fresh veg as earlier in the week and save more shopping.

Sunday: roast chicken with root vegetables and mash.

Top tip : always go through your cupboards and use the ingredients you have there to save money. Use the food you have to make meals. And always always go to the shop with a shopping list! Any comments or thoughts please comment! I love hearing from you.

Sandra xxx

Isofix – life saver and must have

After 5 weeks of taking baby in and out of the car I struggle to see how people managed before the isofix. I genuinely do. The car seat method is something I can’t understand!! 

One click in and push a button to get the seat and baby out.

It’s also proven to be a lot safer .. win win!

That was all.. if you don’t have one and your car has isofix – get it! It’s very worth it! 

Ps. If your car doesn’t have isofix do a bit of research online to see if you can get the part fitted. I paid £60 for an isofix bar at the Mercedes garage as my car didn’t have it already in. So instead of getting a new car (this really did cross my mind) I fitted the bar onto the bolts that were hidden behind the seats. 

Best £60 ever spent

Mæli svo hiklaust með Isofix base-i ef bíllinn ykkar bíður uppá það. Mér hryllir við tilhugsuninni að hafa þurft að spenna stólinn endalaust með belti undanfarnar 5 vikur! Minn bíll var ekki með Isofix en því var léttilega reddað með því að kaupa Isofix hlutann, festa hann svo á boltana sem voru faldir bak við sætið. Ég vissi ekki að það væri hægt fyrr en ég fór á smá google leitar!! Einfaldlega rölti inní Mercedes varhlutasölu og labbaði út með það sem þurfti. 

Sandra xxxx